REGENERAR is a project funded by the European Union within the Horizon Europe research and innovation program, with 6 partners from 3 European countries. Started in March of 2024, it aims to improve the effectiveness and safety of epigenetic editing in brain regeneration. Until February 2028 the Regenerar consortium will work on science-towards-technology breakthroughs with cell differentiation, physiology, and dynamics; regenerative medicine; nanotechnology – gene editing; epigenetic reprogramming; non-viral delivery systems and spatial transcriptomics.


About the project

REGENERAR’s mission is to advance knowledge and education in epigenetic reprogramming to enhance brain regeneration after disease. The project aims to develop a non-viral delivery formulation up to TRL4 for the delivery of an epigenetic reprogramming formulation to reprogram glial cells into neurons.

The in vitro safety and targeting of the formulation will be tested against glial cells and organotypic cortical slice cultures. Several routes of administration will be tested to enhance the accumulation of the formulation in the brain. In addition, the in vivo safety, elimination, targeting and epigenetic reprogramming will be evaluated. In addition, toxicological studies will be performed in GLP conditions to evaluate the formulation's in vivo systemic and local (brain) effects.

The development of the non-viral formulation will take into account the contributions of key stakeholders in the area of gene editing, health institutions, and patient associations, among others. A roadmap will be developed for upscaling innovation to higher TRL´s upon the end of the action.

The challenge

The central nervous system has a limited capacity for self-repair. Therefore, technologies to replace lost neurons after an injury, including stroke or neurodegenerative diseases, are of great need.

The approach

The project REGENERAR aims to develop a non-viral delivery formulation up to TRL4 to deliver an epigenetic reprogramming formulation to reprogram glial cells into neurons.

The ambition

REGENERAR project will demonstrate for the first time a disruptive strategy to promote brain repair in the context of stroke (proof of concept) by accelerating the clinical application of epigenetic reprogramming therapeutics using cutting-edge delivery tools with superior efficiency and safety.

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